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Forum Thread: Baseband Unknown

I flashed cm12 rom in my note 3 stock slot ... then reflashed the stock rom of wrong region... now my baseband is unknown and iemi no. Is invalid. Tried all roms and basedbands available on the web but hard luck. Is there a possible way to find out my phones correct region and baseband? Please suggest a solution

Forum Thread: Galaxy Note 3 N9000 Is Having Reboot Issue

My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000 is having reboot issue when I shut off network, and the phone also shutting off itself. It can only be turned on again when plug into charger. Thought there might be a problem with the battery so I purchased a mpj 4500mah aftermarket some time ago. While waiting for the battery to arrive, any one has been through the similar problems I described could help me plz?

Forum Thread: Switch Launchers

My sister was playing a game on my dad's phone and the phone froze and asked her to pick a launcher to use sister pushed the wrong launcher and now my dad's phone stuck on the wrong custom settings . How do I put my dad's phone to his original launcher ?

Forum Thread: Dear Friends

I have a Galaxy note 3 n9005 mobile phone. I tried to downgrade from the latest update which had kids/download booster and got stuck up. Now i have lost the IMEI number and baseband version. There is no sound and my mobile sim is not detected. Tried whatever I could understand from the internet but did not succeed. At present it seems only the following are available AP:N9005XXUEND5 and CSC:N9005NEEEND1 is visible. How can I make it to run again. I will be grateful to you if you could help me...

Forum Thread: How Do I Remove The "Custom Padlock" Logo When Rebooting My Note III.

I had rooted my Note III and started to have issues when I purchased the app XBlast to be able to customize my status bar. I started to receive an error message "system UI has stopped" so I freaked out and restored my phone to factory state, to then find out I was still rooted. I then purchased an app to be able to unroot. But now I have this word " 'custom' with a padlock logo" that I cannot get rid of and have googled but to no avail. I recently purchased my Note III and I am afraid this wi...

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